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What is the best waterproof coating to use

August 7 2014

Our range of waterproof coatings have been protecting New Zealand roofs, walls, floors and equipment since 1993. The Flamenco range of waterproof coatings have been specifically designed to withstand the harshest conditions and the most severe waterproofing applications that occur in New Zealand. The benefits of Flamenco come from the components which are detailed here and as you will notice the product has a fire rating and comes in a range of products to suit all applications.


A typical Flamenco Aluminum application, where a lot of water is ponding continuously on top of a telephone exchange on top of the Waitakere ranges

For this application we used a waterproofing coating called Flamenco which is designed to withstand continuous submersion and not break down with UV. The advantage of Flamenco waterproof coating is it remains flexible ensuring the water proof coating remains stable.
If you need waterproofing paint or a waterproof coating then you are in the right spot. Servicing NZ with waterproofing products since 1993. With New Zealand’s large rainfall and harsh weather conditions having a waterproof roof is a critical requirement. Why is it that so many individuals and companies have problems with leaks and coating deterioration? Quality paint coatings is the key and after 20 years in business we have the correct range of products suited for New Zealand conditions.

The main issues have to do with the product deterioration can be caused by the coating not being flexible or not resilient to UV and other severe weather conditions such as temperatures. This leads to leaks and frustrated building owners.

At Modern Maintenance Products we have the solution and a proven product in the market that can be applied on most coatings *Check with our technical team first before applying.

The product we use and recommend is a plasticised bitumen liquid waterproof coatings designed for New Zealand’s tough environment and extreme conditions. Proven in the market since 1993 as easily applied waterproof coatings that are durable and used by large New Zealand business such as Telecom.

Our well known waterproofing product is FLAMENCO which contains top quality filling materials such as Welsh Slate, elastomeric additives (SBS polymers) strong fibres (Inorphil) and latex. FLAMENCO is very easy to use and can be broomed on directly to most building surfaces as a fully waterproof barrier.

All Flamenco products, can withstand continuous submersion all year round and are very popular for roof coatings and waterproofing solutions. At Modern Maintenance products (MMP) we have a range of waterproofing paints and coatings designed for all applications and have been selling these products in New Zealand since 1993.

To see more applications of water proofing and roof coatings for FLAMENCO please click here

Our range of waterproof coatings are proven for all conditions be it fully submersible or occasional water we have the waterproofing solution’s for you. Boat marinas, commercial buildings, structures, roofs, You name it we have a waterproofing product for it.