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When is the best time to paint a swimming pool in Auckland

October 31 2014

We sell a lot of swimming pool epoxy pool paint to Applicators who apply it to residential home owners, or Pool Owner who want to do the job themselves.
We also have approved Industrial Applicators who apply our Rust-oleum Epoxy coating to large commercial pools such as the Parnell Salt Water Baths belonging to the Auckland Council.

A common question we get asked is when should I paint my pool and what is the best time to do it?

We do not recommend any outdoor pools, anywhere in New Zealand be coated between May to September, the reasons being, high performance immersion epoxy coatings must have temperatures above 10 degrees C for the full curing process, and the applied coating must not be subjected to condensation forming on the surface.

Both of these scenarios cannot be gambled with and will cause a coating failure if they occur.

Indoor swimming pools can be coated during the winter months, but there are some conditions that can also hinder this process as well.
Condensation can also occur in enclosed building and can drip continuously on to the new surface.

Gas and diesel heaters are an absolute no, as these create moisture, especially if the outdoor temperatures are cold, so contact us before you go ahead.

We hope that goes some way to helping you and feel free to get further help by asking David on the home page of our site


This video is a guy overseas painting his pool. Not the best preparation we have seen but makes interesting viewing
If you want the correct proceedure to prepare a swimming pool for painting then please go to this page here.