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What floor coating works best for concrete

August 7 2014


Rust-oleum produces a variety of high performance protective coatings for concrete surfaces, that can be applied in the following applications.


  • Garage floors
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Workshops
  • Food processing facilities
  • Swimming pools
  • Hospitals and health related floors
  • Chemical plants
  • Coolstores & warehouses.
  • Factories & others.

We have floor coatings that can withstand continuous exposure to 98% sulphuric acid for example and other very corrosive chemicals. Whether it be a high gloss smooth finish or a textured non-slip finish, Rust-oleum can cater for any condition. Our most popular epoxy system is the Rust-oleum 9100 high build, high gloss coating that has been applied extensively around New Zealand for the last 15 years.

We have approved Applicators who can undertake the whole process, or one can prepare and apply themselves in accordance with a specification that we can prepare for them. Rust-oleum concrete coatings come in a variety of colours and we are in most cases able to colour match an existing finish if required.

For health facilities, Rust-oleum produce the SIERRA range of water based epoxy systems and these are the only coating available in New Zealand that can claim to contain NO VOCs and NO HAPs, (hazardous air pollutants) ABSOLUTELY ZERO ZERO.
These coatings are the safest to use, are fast curing and can be applied with the minimum disruption to Hospitals or food processing plants.

If you contact us and give us some details as to your application, we can assist you with the whole process and give you the technical assistance if required.