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Flour Mills Tauranga

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    Tauranga Flour Mills
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    Corrosion on the joins
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    More Corrosion on seams and welds
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    Removing the damaged sealant
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    Applying the Bandage after removing sealant and rust
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    Prior to coating with Noxyde
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    The finished product. Airtight and 100% waterproof

Water Ingression issues

The flour mills in Tauranga have large silos made of steel sitting on concrete plinths. The problem has been water ingression underneath the tanks from around the base which lead to rust, and moisture problems.
We removed all existing sealant and then used our panel bond bandage applied to the steel and concrete, running a strip right along the tank. We then we over coated that with a thick layer of Noxyde giving it a completely airtight and water tight seal plus a flexible waterproof membrane that moves with the tank and will not crack or tear.

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(Noxyde and Panel Bond Bandage)
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