Swimming Pool Paint

October 14

CLM the Bays Swimming Pool


September 25

Residential Pool Boulder Grey

New concrete plaster pool with 3 coats of Rustoleum 9100 applied as per owners request

The colour is Rust-Oleum 9100 Boulder Grey

Having issues with the previous coating this client opted to go for a quality proven product like Rustoleum 9100


September 17

Residential Pool

Not only do Modern Maintenance Products supply and consult on commercial swimming pools but we also supply thousands of home owners with pools through out New Zealand with our Rustoleum 9100 pool paint. This product is proven in the market since 1993 as one of New Zealand’s most durable pool coatings for heated swimming pools, salt water pools and fresh water pools.

Save time, money and on going maintenance by buying …


September 16

Heated Swimming Pool

At Birkenhead aquatic centre the indoor heated swimming pool was also given a re-coat using Rustoleum 9100 coating. The benefits of our coating are that it is suited for outdoor swimming pools and heated indoor swimming pools both salt water and fresh water.
Proven in the market in New Zealand by commercial pool owners and residential pool owners as New Zealand’s go to swimming pool coating.



September 16

Birkenhead Aquatic Centre

Rust-Oleum 3700 High Gloss Acrylic
The Birkenhead Aquatic Centre contains a swimming pool and surrounding structural steel which needed protection from the elements and the steam that rises off the water that contains chlorine. The Rustoleum 3700 was applied straight to the metal structure to provide durabel protection and the high gloss gives a nice clean look.