June 3

Auckland Council Orewa Community Hall Roof.

The Orewa Community hall had a very tired looking torch-on Bitumen membrane and it was proposed to get it replaced with a seamless roofing system.
Luckily some one had the good sense to do a roof inspection and it was found to be very sound. The roof just needed cleaning and a commercial roof coating applied.

This refurbishment was done with Panelbond bandage and Noxyde products to waterproof and protect.


August 26

BP Takinini

Large flat roofs can be problematic without the correct product to water proof the roof 100%. Water sits and finds its way inside the building causing unnecessary damage and frustration when Auckland delivers it’s amazing downpours. MMP Coatings have the best waterproof paint and applicators and thousands of roofs protected throughout New Zealand since 1993 with our resilient, proven waterproofing paint coating.


August 25

BP Wairakei Roof

Ponding water can cause internal damage to walls, electrical fittings, stock and ceiling panels. BP Wairakei was treated using Flamenco product which will withstand constant immersion in water


August 5

Waterproofing internal asbestos gutter on roof

Getting the water off the roof in a fast and efficient mode is critical in Auckland with our wonderful famous torrential downpours that cause havoc.

The building in this project was having problems with this coupled with having asbestos roofing and asbestos guttering systems that were identified as a health hazard. The contractor  was looking for a paint over asbestos coating system. The results were perfect, economical and long lasting

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July 18

Nadi Airport Fiji

Extreme heat, high rainfall and strong winds have been an issue for Fiji and finding a product for their very important airport has been an issue up until Modern Maintenance Products specified Noxyde. Flexibility was also needed by the Airport officials as the buildings move with the high winds and numerous cyclones that move through the area and Noxyde will flex up to 200%. If you want proof …