Concrete Floor Coatings

October 14

CLM the Bays Swimming Pool


September 25

Airport Hangar Floor

Aircraft Hangar floors get high traffic and alot of heavy items being towed across the floor. If you thought our Rust Oleum 9100 High Gloss Epoxy was just for swimming pools think again. It is also an extremely durable proven concrete floor coating used on New Zealand commercial floors since 1993 with amazing results.

A couple of shots above showing …


September 16

Cafeteria Concrete Floor

Cafeteria Floor at Parnell Baths
The concrete floor in the cafeteria at Parnell baths gets alot of traffic and therefore requires a substantial floor coating that will last the distance.

What a lot of folk don’t know is the coating we use on the swimming pools (Rustoleum 9100) can also be used on concrete floors with equal success. The photos attached to this flooring project are after nearly 4 years of …


August 7

Food processing factory

Protecting hard surfaces in food processing factories.
This dairy and meat processing factory walls have been coated with RUST-OLEUM 9100 high build gloss finish epoxy coating using 2 coats on concrete walls and the poly panel walls in the plant.
The product provides robust protection against damage caused by impact, steam, blood and other bi-products plus the intense cleaning that occurs using harsh chemicals daily. (hot chlorine chemical cleaning at …


July 23

Foundry Floor

A durable finish was required in a foundry environment.

It had to be easy to clean and meet health and safety requirements

Rust-Oleum 9100 was chosen for its non-slip or smooth high gloss decorative finishes and also because of its resilience to severe chemical & abrasion resistance.Also Rust-Oleum 6500 high gloss epoxy floor coating was used as it suits both exterior or interior environments for low odour, fast curing …