Anti-Corrosion Paint

October 2

Large Gas tank and Frame

The company Air Liquide ship a large gas tank across the Tasman on a regular basis. This unit is subject to severe marine environments and needs a robust coating that not only protects but looks great.   Rustoleum 9100 epoxy and top coat of 9800 Polyurethane is the product of choice as both products are  proven to stand those rugged conditions and keep the tank frame looking smart


September 25

Auckland Airport Maintenance Gantry

Auckland Airport Maintenance gantry is a critical component for the maintenance crews and gets a hard time from machinery and scrapes and bumps. The maintenance staff were looking for a durable coating and we used our amazing Rustoleum 9100 Epoxy coating as it is robust and hard wearing plus proven in the market for these types of  applications since 1993.


July 24

Sky Tower

Rust is a big problem in commercial environments due to the harsh marine environment found in New Zealand.

Between the wind, rain, salt air and UV, our metal structures get battered daily. For these instances you need a proven heavy duty coating and NOXYDE is just that. The product can be painted straight over rust or corrosion* is UV resistant, extremely robust and used through NZ since 1993.
The Skytower …


July 23

Historic drawbridge

Refurbishment of the old drawbridge Viaduct Auckland using Noxyde


July 22

Auckland Airport Flagpole

The flagpole at the Auckland Airport is a prominent feature and is viewed by millions of people annually. The surface had become dull and outbreaks of corrosion were occurring. A specialist architectural product was required and we specifies our Rust-Oleum 9100 as a base coat and Rust-Oleum 9800 polyurethane as a top coat.
The results are hard wearing protection and an architectural finish.


July 18

Hapuawhenua Viaduct

Corrosion and Oxidising coatings were unsightly and needing attention

The team at Modern Maintenance were approached to specify a anti-corrosion and durable paint coating for the Hapuawhenua Viaduct at Tongariro National Park in the North Island.
The preparation involved removing rust and loose paint chips before the final coating was applied.


July 18

Auckland Museum

The Auckland Museum had corrosion on the air conditioning ducting.

The solution was Rustoleum 9100 as a primer coat and Rustoleum 3700 as a protective top coat to give a durable coating that will last for years to come.