Noxyde is an anti-corrosion waterproof membrane that can be applied to a multiple list of substrates to provide robust waterproofing or anti-corrosion protection. From Bridges in Saltwater Estuaries, to air conditioning ducts on roofs, to encapsulating asbestos roofs with a waterproof membrane.

Different colours are available.

Noyyde is very versatile and extremely effective as a roof coating or a cover for a substrate. Noxyde has an excellent UV resistance and can tolerate high salt laden environments indefinitely especially in areas that are not washed by rain regularly.
Noxyde suits the severe coastal conditions found in New Zealand and combined with the high rainfall we get, makes Noxyde very sort after as a roof coatings to architects and designers alike. The product has one of the longest recorded performances histories overseas at nearly 40 years of being used as a waterproofing system and as a roof coating. The coating has kept its film build and flexibility and is still fully intact after 40 years as a roof coating.

  • Proven in New Zealand since 1993 for corrosion protection and waterproofing in commercial applications
  • The coating once applied is very flexible and will stretch up to 200%
  • As a roof coating it can also be applied directly to a metal roof, or a metal substrate as the product is self priming and contains an amazing 20% anti-corrosion pigments.
  • Self priming and can be applied to metal, textured plaster and most surfaces
  • New Zealand’s only flexible paint over rust paint

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