Encapsulating your Asbestos roof with Noxyde can be a longer term and less costly solution than replacing with iron that is subject to corrosion.


If you have issues with your Asbestos roof, then before replacing, let us arrange an exterior inspection with an approved Asbestos consultant, to determine whether the roof can be salvaged or not.

To go ahead and replace the roof without checking first, could be an unnecessary and very expensive exercise, compared to preparing the existing roof and encapsulating it with an elastomeric, waterproofing wrap, such as Noxyde.

However, the underside of Asbestos roofs, very rarely deteriorate, and swab and airflow tests in building cavities will in 99% of cases confirm this.

Asbestos roofs have been around for over 70 years, and have lasted so long because they do not corrode in New Zealand’s severe coastal environment. They do tend to deteriorate on the topside, due to atmospheric pollution, UV, and infestation of moss and lichen, which can break down the porous surface.

If your asbestos roof can be salvaged, our approved Asbestos applicators, will first treat the roof to remove moss and lichens. Following this they will attend to the fasteners, visible cracks and any damage, before spray applying 2 x thick coats of Noxyde membrane.

Noxyde, is waterproof, has excellent UV tolerance and will never become brittle. It remains a flexible membrane with 200% elongation able to handle any movement or thermal expansion. It will also corrosion proof the fasteners and any metal penetrations. These attributes make it particularly useful in the New Zealand environment. Noxyde is a single component, Water-based, odourless product that is very safe and environmentally friendly to apply. 

Using this process, you can extend the life and render your asbestos roof safe, for another 20-30 years, without having to worry about corrosion that could occur with an iron roof replacement. Noxyde, applied to specification comes with a conditional 10 year product performance guarantee and roofs already coated with Noxyde, have gone nearly 20 years in New Zealand, without any further maintenance or problems.

Don’t make a wrong and potentially costly decision. Contact us first and have your asbestos roof inspected, it could be the best investment you will make.