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Is your swimming pool ready for summer?

September 15 2014

Dirt and mould can build up over winter inside the pool which means unsightly debris and potential staining.
Coupled with this you may find that these contaminates  discolour the water making it unappealing to the eyes and not very nice when the first person goes for a swim. To maintain that sparkly look, your pool needs to be cleaned often and the paint coating needs to be replaced at regular intervals.

Cleaning your pool can be a simple task to some people and is very worthwhile to maintain the paint coating and the look of the swimming pool by extracting the contaminants using a vacuum. Cleaning the swimming pool can also be  an annoyance to others which means they are happy to pay a contractor to do it. The critical point here is that someone needs to do it and if done regularly your pool will last longer and look nicer.

There are 2 ways in which you can keep that crisp blue colour and your pool free from slim. You can choose the DIY way or hire a professional to do the job for you. At Modern Maintenance we always say, unless you have experience at doing it yourself, then don’t attempt to try, leave it to the professionals. We would be happy to recommend a pool maintenance company to you or a swimming pool paint contractor should your swimming pool need re coating.


Cleaning and maintaining your pool yourself can prove to be more cost effect, but very time consuming. It can be more productive to hire a company that is set up for swimming pool cleaning and maintenance. If you are not  experienced you might not get the results your looking for which can be frustrating. It may take you longer than you anticipate,  hours can soon turn into days to finish and the frustration levels continue to build.

Modern Maintenance products care about your pool that’s why we have compiled a list on how to keep your pool clean and the water looking crisp. Following the steps below and you will have a sparkly pool throughout the year, which will be so irresistible, even in winter.

  • Clean the pool filter; this is quite important because it gets rid of debris in the pool, so cleaning it will ensure that your water comes out clean once it is filtered.
  • Using a pool rake remove particles (leaves, sticks etc) in the pool
  • With a hand pool net remove particles like leaves that are floating on top of the pool water.
  • Using the pool brush, brush the sides and the floor of the pool to removes mould, and stains that stick to the pool coatings
  • After brushing the pool, let the dirt settle to the bottom before you vacuum the pool.
  • Using the pool vacuum, vacuum the pool to remove all the lose particles hanging at the bottom of the pool. TIP: always have the vacuum in the pool before you switch it on, the air can damage the vacuum if you switch the vacuum on before it’s in the water.
  • Poor the recommended amount of chlorine as instructed on the product.

Hiring the professionals to do the job for you is another option. It may be costly, but they are professionals that will keep your pool clean throughout the year.

If your pool coating  is cracked and a fresh new coat needs to be applied have no fear, Modern Maintenance Products have pool paint ready and waiting for you. We have a wide range of pool paint to choose from (pacific blue, Hibiscus blue, Aqua green, Boulder grey and Black). Not only do we supply pool paint but we have a proven selection of pool contractors tained in using our products. So there is no need for you to call 2 different people, one to provide the paint and the other to paint the pool, at Modern Maintenance we have the paint and the applicators. We know pool painting can be a tedious job to do and it’s not a job for everyone. Come in store and pick your colour or  click on this link to view the available colours.