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I have a leaking roof. How to fix please

August 7 2014

Rejuvenate those deteriorating rubber membrane roofing products today is easy and fast with our waterproofing systems and flexible waterproofing membrane

So often, advice is given to replace a rubber roof membrane because it is chalking, is becoming slightly brittle, or has moss and lichen growing on the surface and is leaking.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO REPLACE RUBBER MEMBRANES. We have the most efficient waterproofing systems and waterproofing membrane that will go straight over rubber with no issues and will last the test of time.

A popular product for extreme conditions is our Flamenco waterproofing system

At Modern Maintenance (MMP Coatings) we have an easy to apply, cost effective solution and it can be any one of our products depending on how much water you receive, and the area you are located in i.e high salt, high rain etc

We have been successfully salvaging 75% of these problem roofs, saving the customer  the cost of a re clad. Call us for a free no obligation quote using our proven product.

The alternative is to completely replace the roof substrate which is costly and takes a lot of time.
We are able to avoid complete replacement, and basically extending the life of the roof for a further 15-20 years.

Some roofs unfortunately are too far gone, and the lichen growth and UV degradation renders the surface unsound to be applying an elastomeric, waterproofing membrane over the existing surface however there are many roofs that we can repair and this will work our extremely cost effective.

Before refurbishment is considered, one needs to establish if the surface is being subjected to continuous water immersion, with puddles remaining on the roof for extended periods of time plus the extension of UV damage.

There are some basic questions that you can ask to assist this process.

Is the roof being used as a deck, with regular foot traffic?

If the deck has regular foot traffic problems can occur with the black surface over time. Heat and cold will continually subject the substrate to thermal expansion. Very hot days to extreme cold at nights can eventually causes problems with the adhesive in the joints, and adhesion to the substrate underneath.

If the joints start leaking, then the entire underside of the membrane becomes wet and damp and is unable to dry out, and it is this that affects the adhesive.

It can also be difficult to determine exactly where the leak is coming from when you have a large area of rubberized roof membrane.

We have two liquid waterproof coating systems that can be applied over the entire roof, that will effectively seal the entire surface, including joints, extend indefinite UV protection and stop the surface degrading further.

It will also take the heat out of the surface, thus stopping the excessive expansion and contraction during day and night temperature changes.

These two products are completely different in that one is an elastomeric, rubber membrane called NOXYDE, that has a 200% elongation factor with a memory, and it will remain flexible for its lifetime of 30 years plus.

The other is a plastercized bituminous coating called FLAMENCO ALUMINIUM, and this product can be applied in areas of continuous ponding water, 365 days of the year.

This product remains flexible, will not become brittle, does not have the elastomeric qualities, but also has excellent UV tolerance.

Both of these product have been sold and applied in New Zealand for many years, and we therefore have a good local performance history, being 18 years for Flamenco, and 11 years for Noxyde.


Please contact MODERN MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS NZ LTD, and discuss any problems you might be experiencing.