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How to prepare a swimming pool for painting

July 4 2014

Swimming pools in New Zealand are hugely popular and accordingly require excellent maintenance to keep them looking good and remain pristine and healthy.

Modern Maintenance products have been assisting New Zealand’s with their swimming pool paint since 1993 and because of this we get asked how to prepare a swimming pool for painting on a regular basis. Because of this David King put together a spec sheet to assist as shown below

We have a range of approved applicators nationally that can prepare and paint your pool using our proven paint system or if you are doing the work yourself then the below guide will be useful to you. Our swimming pool paints and coatings are ideal for fibreglass pools, concrete pools and textured plaster pools such as marble plaster.


Here are the following steps to take into consideration. These instructions relate to our RUST-OLEUM 9100 SWIMMING POOL HIGH BUILD EPOXY product.


(1) Do not apply this product over any existing chlorinated rubber or acrylic coating. These must be removed completely by abrasive blasting or high pressure water blasting.

(2) Existing epoxy swimming pool paint or fibreglass pool surfaces, should be sanded with 40 grit sand paper to ensure a good key to the surface.

(3) Ensure concrete, textured plaster or fibreglass surface are completely dry prior to application.

(4) Ensure rain is not imminent on the day of application. High moisture levels will flatten the finish of the cured coating.

If applying second coat, make sure that there is no dew or moisture on the coating, as the second coat will not adhere.

(5) When mixing, make sure that all the solids are dispersed off the bottom of both the base and activator, prior to combining the mixed portions.

(6) Do not thin the mixed material anymore than 5%, and only use Rust-oleum 165 thinners which is specifically for this coating.

(7) The mix ratio is 1:1 base/activator, no exceptions and once mixed together thoroughly, allow the mix to stand for 30 minutes induction period before applying by spray or roller.

(8) The total dry film build must be between 350-400 microns. If roll applying, you may need to look at a third coat.

Spray application, can achieve the 200 microns DFT per coat easily, and 400 microns DFT in two coats.

(9) When the coating has been applied, remove any masking tape within 24 hours. Failure to do this results in the coating hardening to such an extent, the tape becomes difficult to remove.

(10) The pool must stand empty for a minimum of 5 day, before filling and chemicals being applied.

Failure to adhere to this can result in the colour lightning up

(11) Observe maximum immersed temperature of 520 C, and the pH of the water is to be between 3-13.

Rust-oleum 9100 has an excellent historic performance here in NZ, providing it is applied correctly.

If you require any technical data, or require any further information,

Please contact:


Ph: 09 570-1461

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Fp: 0800180-677

RUST-OLEUM 9100 a High performance, high build immersion, epoxy coating suitable for fresh and saltwater pools.

Offer for a limited time. Free appraisal of your existing swimming pool coating (no call out fee)* Bookings essential. For bookings and technical advice Ph: 0800 180 677


  • Withstands a constant immersed temperature of 52° C
  • Excellent chemical & abrasion resistance
  • Handles hot or cold water with a pH 3-13.
  • Self priming and can be applied to concrete, textured plaster or fiberglass


swimming pool paint

Variation of base colours can be achieved by custom tinting. Colours are for illustration purposes only. Materials can be purchased direct, or we can request one of our approved Applicators to prepare and coat your swimming pool or spa. A conditional product performance guarantee, can be issued with prior Company approval.

A brochure and specification sheets can be obtained by contacting us. For more technical data on how to paint a swimming pool please click this link

Swimming Pool Colours

*Rural locations may incur a kilometer charge

* Within Auckland Region Only