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Getting your swimming pool ready for summer

September 7 2015

Well spring is here (sort of) and it is that time again to think about getting your swimming pool ready for summer by painting it or by using some maintenance basics to get it ready to rock and roll.

David King of MMP Paint Coatings has prepared some short tips for you below in order to get your swimming pool paint looking good this summer and your pool water quality in tip top condition so all your family will enjoy the activities.


Tip No One.

When removing the covers on your pool, look for exposed plaster becoming visible through the existing coating, or any concrete plaster surface cracks or flaky paint showing. If this is the case then your pool needs some attention which could include some crack repairs and several new coats of epoxy being applied.

Now is the time to inspect your pool and book an Applicator to repair and repaint, if required.
Don’t leave it too late as the window for repairing pools is quite short and with the number of pools requiring attention, you could be disappointed. David has prepared a handy tip sheet for you here.

More tips here on preparing your pool for summer

Tip No Two.
If the pool has had wintering chemicals added for the last six months, then you will more than likely find the pool surface feel quite slippery. This is chlorination residue and is perfectly normal and easily addressed with some chemical applications.

Start by dropping the PH to 6.5 which will clean the deposits off the wall. During this process the water becomes cloudy which also is perfectly normal and the swimming pool filtration system will take care of this for you.

When you are done, bring the PH level of your swimming pool back to 7.1 or 7.2 and the pool will be ready to rock for summer.

Those are a couple of handy tips for you and any questions on swimming pool maintenance or coatings please contact us here.

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