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Corrosion prevention coatings and paint for metal

September 15 2014


Noxyde is New Zealand’s leading corrosion prevention paint coating and is easy to use, labour saving and proven in the market place since 1993.
NOXYDE is used extensively throughout New Zealand as an anti-corrosion, durable waterproof membrane for existing rusting surfaces.
NOXYDE is an easy to apply coating with minimal preparation with waterblasting and power tool cleaning. Proven in New Zealand since 2000

See these before and after photos of the Skytower Structural Steel



Rusty roofs and corroded exposed metal objects is a big problem in commercial environments due to the harsh marine environment found in New Zealand. Between the wind, rain, salt air and UV, our metal structures get battered daily. For these instances you need a proven heavy duty coating and NOXYDE is just that. Noxyde can be painted straight over rust or corrosion* is UV Resistant, extremely robust and used through NZ since 2000.

Noxyde is used at Auckland Skytower to protect the structural steel. The Galvanised exposed galvanised steel corrodes in Aucklands harsh marine environment as shown in the photo above.
You can also see the galvanised steel after the NOXYDE coating was applied.

The Galvanised steel was abraded and waterblasted @5000PSI to prepare the surface for the corrosion prevention paint

* Can be painted straight over prepared rust or corrosion*
* UV Resistant Extremely durable* Used through NZ and proven since 2000

Hapuawhenua Viaduct-5

The Hapuawhenua Viaduct

Although rustkiller paint is different in nature to NOXYDE we have found that retail rust killer paints are not required as a preparation for corroded or rusty steel if Noxyde is used. NOXYDE anti-corrosion paint is designed to go over prepared rusty and corroded surfaces* and is extremely effective at preventing rust from forming due to the incredible adhesion and durability plus the ability to paint directly over corroded surfaces*. It is important to ensure that before painting over the rust please prepare the corroded surface properly. Please contact one of our specialists at Modern Maintenance products* and to discuss how NOXYDE can help prevent corrosion in your facility


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