June 4

What is the best factory floor epoxy coating


A common question we get at Modern Maintenance products is what is the best factory floor epoxy coating to buy for commercial floor applications. The applications do vary based on the varying surface coating substrates involved so the best process is to ring one of our floor coating experts who can advise the best floor preparation and epoxy floor product.
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Our coating …


September 15

What does Modern Maintenance Products sell apart from swimming pool paints

Modern Maintenance Products NZ LTD. is a privately owned Company that was established in New Zealand in 1993, importing industrial floor coatings, anti-corrosion paint, concrete coatings, water proof coatings, roof coatings, pool coatings, concrete floor coatings and protective paints for the industrial sectors in New Zealand.

As the Company grew, the demand for high quality Industrial Protective coatings became apparent, and in 1998, the Company aligned with Rust-oleum Industrial Coatings, one …


September 15

Painting Health Hazards | Zero VOCs and Zero HAPs

MMP Coatings. Suppliers of ZERO VOC and  ZERO HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutants) paints and coatings  since 1993. Ph 09 570 1461.

We are proud to promote our range of Zero VOC emission paints and HAP coatings, safe for pregnant women, hospitals, food preparation areas, paint applicators and end users, rest homes, schools, the hotel industry and food processing plants. Most end users are not aware that acrylic …


August 7

What floor coating works best for concrete


Rust-oleum produces a variety of high performance protective coatings for concrete surfaces, that can be applied in the following applications.


Garage floors

Aircraft hangars


Food processing facilities

Swimming pools

Hospitals and health related floors

Chemical plants

Coolstores & warehouses.

Factories & others.

We have floor coatings that can withstand continuous exposure to 98% sulphuric acid for example and other very corrosive chemicals. Whether it be a high gloss smooth finish or a …