September 25 2018

Rust-Oleum Noxyde

So often, perfectly sound asbestos Super Six Roofs are removed and replaced with iron, because Building Owners are often told that their Roof is not sound anymore and is a health hazard. Noxyde is simply the best encapsulation coating for asbestos, will seal the fibres and waterproof the surface and fasteners, and will extend the life of the roof indefinitely, with substantial cost savings.


September 16 2015

FILLCOAT Waterproofing coating instantly repairs leaking roofs

FILLCOAT® WATERPROOFING is a waterproofing product that immediately closes leaks in roofs. The products can be used for gutters, ridges, on sides and drains. Unique to this product is that you can use them in all kinds of weather. FILLCOAT® WATERPROOFING can be applied to most materials: Roofing, Roofing felt, Bitumen, Asphalt, Hard PVC, Polyester, Zinc, Aluminum, Glass, Tiles.


Immediately watertight
Can be …


September 15 2015

Summer preparation of your swimming pool

If swimming pools are left with no chemical treatment during the winter months, then you will more than likely have a ‘pea soup’ to deal with when spring arrives.
If you have a textured plaster pool such as ‘Marble Plaster’ then leaving these pools untreated is highly unadvisable.

If leaves fall into the pool and eventually settle in the deepest part of the pool, the tannins created during their decomposition, can …


September 7 2015

Getting your swimming pool ready for summer

Well spring is here (sort of) and it is that time again to think about getting your swimming pool ready for summer by painting it or by using some maintenance basics to get it ready to rock and roll.

David King of MMP Paint Coatings has prepared some short tips for you below in order to get your swimming pool paint looking good this summer and your pool water quality in …


June 4 2015

What is the best factory floor epoxy coating


A common question we get at Modern Maintenance products is what is the best factory floor epoxy coating to buy for commercial floor applications. The applications do vary based on the varying surface coating substrates involved so the best process is to ring one of our floor coating experts who can advise the best floor preparation and epoxy floor product.
You can contact us here

Our coating …


October 31 2014

When is the best time to paint a swimming pool in Auckland

We sell a lot of swimming pool epoxy pool paint to Applicators who apply it to residential home owners, or Pool Owner who want to do the job themselves.
We also have approved Industrial Applicators who apply our Rust-oleum Epoxy coating to large commercial pools such as the Parnell Salt Water Baths belonging to the Auckland Council.

A common question we get asked is when should I …


September 15 2014

Is your swimming pool ready for summer?

Dirt and mould can build up over winter inside the pool which means unsightly debris and potential staining.
Coupled with this you may find that these contaminates  discolour the water making it unappealing to the eyes and not very nice when the first person goes for a swim. To maintain that sparkly look, your pool needs to be cleaned often and the READ MORE

September 15 2014

What does Modern Maintenance Products sell apart from swimming pool paints

Modern Maintenance Products NZ LTD. is a privately owned Company that was established in New Zealand in 1993, importing industrial floor coatings, anti-corrosion paint, concrete coatings, water proof coatings, roof coatings, pool coatings, concrete floor coatings and protective paints for the industrial sectors in New Zealand.

As the Company grew, the demand for high quality Industrial Protective coatings became apparent, and in 1998, the Company aligned with Rust-oleum Industrial Coatings, one …


September 15 2014

Corrosion prevention coatings and paint for metal

Noxyde is New Zealand’s leading corrosion prevention paint coating and is easy to use, labour saving and proven in the market place since 1993.
NOXYDE is used extensively throughout New Zealand as an anti-corrosion, durable waterproof membrane for existing rusting surfaces.
NOXYDE is an easy to apply coating with minimal preparation with waterblasting and power tool cleaning. Proven in New Zealand since 2000

See these before and after photos of …


September 15 2014

Painting Health Hazards | Zero VOCs and Zero HAPs

MMP Coatings. Suppliers of ZERO VOC and  ZERO HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutants) paints and coatings  since 1993. Ph 09 570 1461.

We are proud to promote our range of Zero VOC emission paints and HAP coatings, safe for pregnant women, hospitals, food preparation areas, paint applicators and end users, rest homes, schools, the hotel industry and food processing plants. Most end users are not aware that acrylic …