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New Zealands Only flexible, anti-corrosive, waterproof roof coating
Noxyde is an anti-corrosion waterproof membrane that can be applied to a multiple list of substrates to provide robust waterproofing or anti-corrosion protection.

From Bridges in Saltwater Estuaries, to air conditioning ducts on roofs, to encapsulating asbestos roofs with a waterproof membrane.

Noyyde is very versatile and extremely effective as a roof coating or a cover for a substrate. For roof coatings Auckland the product is ideal due to the large rainfall and extreme temperatures in summer.

Example of a before and after shot of Noxyde in use. The application was a roof coated in asbestos

Asbestos Roof Before

Noxyde After

Noxyde has an excellent UV resistance and can tolerate high salt laden environments indefinitely especially in areas that are not washed by rain regularly (not Auckland)

Noxyde suits the severe coastal conditions found in New Zealand and combined with the high rainfall we get, makes the product very sort after as a roof coatings to architects and designers alike. The product has one of the longest recorded performances histories overseas at nearly 40 years of being used as a waterproofing system and as a roof coating. The coating has kept its film build and flexibility and is still fully intact after 40 years as a roof coating. For roof coatings auckland the product is used by commercial applicators and domestic users.

Our roof coating product Noxyde is a single component, water-based roof coating that has very low VOC’s, no odour and is completely safe to use in nearly all applications. The recommended application method is by airless spray, and Noxyde has a dry fall factor of 20 metres when applied in sensitive areas.

As a roof coating it can also be applied directly to a metal roof, or a metal substrate as the product is self priming and contains an amazing 20% of anti-corrosion pigments. This is why our roofcoating product is so highly recommended by contractors and applicators.

Two thick coatings on a roof coating is generally all that is required to acheive the minimum dry film build and this can often be complated in one single day, which greatly reduces costs of travel and labour.

The manufacturers recommend a minimum preparation such as waterblasting the roof first with a 5000psi rotary head and maybe some power tool cleaning to remove loose debris is all that is required before application.

For large steel structures Noxyde will encapsulate the surface with a thick seamless, anti-corrosive, waterproof membrane, that will remain flexible indefinitely with 200% elongation. The coating will move, expand and contract with the structure eliminating cracked coatings that allow moisture ingression to continue the corrosion process.

We have been dealing in roof coatings now for many years and our sales team is very knowledgable on providing a suitable solution for your application. We have a few roof coatings to choose from and all have minor difference so please contact our sales team to ensure you get the right one.

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